Timars is a Swedish manufacturer and supplier of inventive and reliable products within port equipment, fish process equipment, welding and fabrication of customized products. Timars is also the official agent of Magyar Tank trailers and has a workshop for service, repairs and modifications of trucks and trailers.


Timars is specialists in designing smart and customized products within many product areas but we can also be your reliable subcontractor within welding and fabrication.

Timars works from small to large projects and both locally and internationally. The products can be found in ports all over the world, at fish factories and vessels, at the Swedish defense and at many different industries in Sweden.


Timars are experts in solving our customer’s problems and focus has always been to be responsive and find smart solutions to safe, efficient and reliable quality products.


Timars is certified according to Quality standard ISO 9001, Environmental standard ISO 14001 and Welding standard ISO 3834-2.






Timars is today an established specialist when it comes to design and production of quality products. We create innovative and functional solutions within:


• Cargo handling, container and bulk haulage industries,

• Fish processing equipment,

• Steelworking, steel, stainless steel and aluminum,


We also develop customized concepts according to our customers’ demands.

Many of our trademarks and products are proven success worldwide, for example the Timars C-lift spreader, Timars Gravity Centrelizer, Timars Overheight frame and Timars Grading Machine.

Timars is a complete supplier which provides our customers all the service they require. Either the customer is local, national or international.


Unique container spreaders for efficient and safe operation. Fully Automatic Overheight frames, fixed semi-automatic container spreaders, Offset frames and Lashing cages. Used in ports and terminals all over the world. 

Reliable and gentle equipment for processing herring, mackerel, sardines, salmons and other fish. High accuracy and efficient products specifically within grading. Rollergraders and Vibrationsgraders. Often customized. 


Timars offers tanktrailers from Magyar for the Swedish, Norwegian and Danish market. Wide range of products and tailor made solutions.

Timars has also a workshop for service, repair and rebuilding on your truck or trailer. 


Timars are specialists in developing and manufacturing quality products within many different product ranges. Experts in designing machines and equipment to solve customers´ problems. Experience in developing special designed products with high quality to FMV, Swedish Defense Material Administration.

Timars can also take on your products as a reliable subcontractor within steel working, welding and fabrication. 



The History



Timars - historia

Timars Svets & Smide AB (Timars Welding and Forge) was founded in Falkenberg, Sweden, in year 1976 by Timar Gustavsson. Mr. Gustavsson had worked as a mechanic and electrician on the sea but was back at his hometown and worked as a mechanic and welder. The company was first founded to support local companies in Falkenberg. In 1978 they were four welders working in the company and they rented a workshop at Falkasvagen in Falkenberg.

In 1983, an Australian friend to Timar sent a container spreader (called CEL-Lift) together with a fixture to Timars and this was the start of Timars Port Equipment and the first semi-automatic container spreaders. The first container spreaders were delivered to Vasteras in Sweden in 1984, but soon after the spreaders started to go on export as well.

In 1985, Timars manufactured the first fish grading machine for EKS Fish Machinery. It was a vibration grader and this was the start of Timars Fish Machinery and in 1987 Timars acquired EKS Fish Machinery and continued to develop own grading machines.

Timars current owners Mikael Strandh and Peter Stenbeck started at Timars in 1986 and 1992 respectively.  

In 1990 Timars build their own workshop at the current site at Industrivagen 12 in Falkenberg and one year later the first paintshop was build close to the workshop. The paintshop  was later acquired by Industrilackeringen which still is Timars partner when it comes to surface treatment when it comes to blasting and painting.

In 1993 Timars had 20 employees and continued to grow.

The agency for Magyar tanktrailers was picked up in 1995 and Timars Trade was founded for handling the tanktrailer agency for the Swedish market. This was the start of Timars Trailer Workshop as well and followed by large orders of tanktrailers to Swedish customers.

Timars started to pick up larger orders for example with special containers to the Norwegian Post and reception station for herring in the Swedish town of Vastervik.

The Port Equipment also developed and in the start of 2000 century, the first Overheight frames and Timars Gravity Centrelizer was developed and manufactured. The first Overheight frame was semi-automatic and followed by the first fully automatic Overheight frame in 2004.

Timars was certified against ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in 2002 and a year later the company won the first large order to FMV (Swedish Defense Material Administration) for a special transport system for Tugboats. This was the first of many orders to FMV in the years to come and FMV is still an important customer for Timars.

During 2009 to 2014 Timars made a generational change and in 2014 Timar Gustavsson finished his successful career at Timars Svets and Smide and left the company to its current owners Mikael Strandh and Peter Stenbeck.

In 2011 a new workshop for mainly assembling was build next to the existing workshop.

And in 2015 Timars was certified according to ISO 3834-2.

The rich history of constantly finding new solutions, new products and new markets has shaped Timars and been the success for the company. The customers have always been in focus and the right quality the goal.




Timars Svets & Smide AB

Industriv. 12

S-311 32 Falkenberg


Tfn. +46 346 715900

Email: info@timars.se




Mikael Strandh

Chief Executive Officer

Welding and fabrication
Tfn. +46 346 715905
Mob. +46 708 870226
Email: mikael@timars.se

Peter Stenbeck

Vice President
Sales & Marketing

Trailer and workshop

Tfn. +46 346 715903 
Mob. +46 708 870286
Email: peter@timars.se

Andreas Borrbring

Product Manager 

Port Equipment and Fishprocess Equipment

Tfn. +46 346 715902 
Mob. +46 733 870217
Email: andreas@timars.se

Per Andersson

Production Manager

Welding and Fabrication

Tfn. +46 346 715906 
Mob. +46 708 870342
Email: per@timars.se


Jessica Isacsson


Tfn. +46 346 715900
Email: jessica@timars.se

Henrik Sunnenell

Truck repairshop manager

Trailer and workshop

Tfn. +46 346 715907
Mob. +46 708 870201
Email: henrik@timars.se

Jonathan Hägglund

Quality and environment manager


Tfn. +46 346 715904 

Email: jonathan@timars.se

Peder Jonsson

Welding coordinator

Mob. +46 708-399985
Email: peder@timars.se



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